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Uber to Ban Passengers with Low Ratings

passengers with low ratings

Uber would soon be rolling out the feature for placing a ban on the passengers with low ratings.

It is common knowledge that Uber drivers could be ranked and based on their rankings they are allotted bonuses. When they get super bad ranking from various customers, the driver is then banned from the platform of Uber as per the policy of the company.

There is no doubt in admitting that many a time Uber drivers also experience a tough job because of the bad or rude attitude of the customers. For facilitating the Uber drivers, the company would now be banning the Uber passengers who keep on getting rating below-five.

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Presently, this feature has been launched in Australia, the United States, Canada, India and New Zealand and would soon be introduced in Pakistan as well.

Customers need to think twice while booking the online cab service. This for sure is a good initiative that the same treatment is provided to both the drivers and the passengers. This measure would also be ending many security issues as well.

For seeing one’s rating in the Uber App as a rider, one could check their present rating. for checking the rating on the Uber app tap on the left side of the menu on the top of the screen. There would be the star rating displayed just below one’s name and after learning it one would also be able to improve their ratings.

The 5-star rating for riders is put into effect for marking people with rude behaviours. Doing this would make the passengers think twice before they make use of any abusive language with the drivers.

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