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Uber Will Suspend Operations In Macau—Report

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Uber officials have confirmed in Hong Kong that it will suspend their operations in former Portuguese territory “Macau” for indefinite time—According to Reuters

The ride hailing company while speaking to reporters said it on Monday that it will stop its operations in Macau from July 22 onwards. The company said that it was unable to secure a business environment that could be beneficial for the company and allow full benefits of ride hailing services.

Macau is Chinese controlled territory located on the south coast of China until 1999 the territory belonged to Portugal and now it’s controlled by China. Uber is committed to finding the ways to better serve the Chinese controlled territory; Uber has started talks again with business partners, hotels, and local transporters to make it happen.

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Uber has a history of clashes, bans, and controversies with local governments all over the world. A few weeks ago Uber’s CEO was forced to resign by the directors of the company arguing that Uber needs a leadership change to gain back its momentum in the market and its reputation.

But recently, Uber has successfully signed a deal with Yandex, Russian search engine to expand in the Russian territory. This could be the welcomed deal by Uber after a long on going debacle.