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UK Startup “Curve” Introduces Financial Time Travel—Allows To Change Past Transactions

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UK London-based startup “Curve” partnered with Mastercard in order to introduce a new payment card that will allow users to retroactively choose a different debit/credit card for a purchase that they have already made in the past, they have named it “Financial Time Travel”

The unique transaction changing service, that will enable users to travel back in time and change the history of financial transaction, customers will have a chance to go back to the date of purchase within two weeks later and change the transaction by allocating another card. This would be the world’s first ever card.

Curve also mentioned that it will add two major international banks in the service but declined to provide further detailed information.

The startup has a patent pending for the tool which allow users to use once card which will accumulate other Master and Visa cards. Users do not need to carry many cards along with them instead; they can carry one single card and switch between cards for the final purchase using mobile app.

Curve was founded in 2015, aimed at providing banking and payment services in a better way using technology which is more user friendly and convenient.

Curve’s CEO Shachar Bialick said, “Time travel functionality in payments would provide customers with more flexibility of choosing most convenient form of payment in a given transaction.”

For instance, a user makes a purchase through credit card before payday, while his bank account having insufficient funds to make a purchase, later after a week or two when his bank account is credited with pay, he can change the transaction from credit card to debit card in order to avoid interest fees.

The technology would also allow users to use various cards frequently and get card rewards according, said Bialick.

Curve’s platform is robust and secure, it is worth mentioning that the change happens within curve’s platform and the merchants would only be able to track one single transaction and would not charge the customer processing fee twice.

Similarly, rewards or points earned on the transaction will be reversed if the transaction is changed. Curve is still testing the service on beta version, the company says; it already achieved 50,000 signups and the cards having transactions of 50 million pounds so far.

The company will officially launch the service later this year.