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US Military Spends $60 Million To Develop a Mind Reading Hardware

California: US military has granted $60 million to spend on a project which is hopeful to develop hardware as little as sugar cube which could read and write the thoughts. The mind reading hardware is in development phase though, the world’s first artificial retina was received by Dean Lloyd a Lawyer based in California.

The artificial retina technology allowed Dean to see low-quality images through his eyes, this was really a breakthrough in science and technology but its considered outdated when it comes to the newer technology.

In the University of California Berkeley, a research team funded by US military is hoping to create a device in four years which could read, write and control information in one million neurons.

Currently, scientists can only see one hundred neurons at a time, According to Ehud Isacoff professor Neurobiology at the University of California says, “Our goal is to watch around one million neurons at a time individually and not only watch what neurons do, as we see them in MRI but to be able to play back to them, the patterns of activity in space and time, so you can actually reconstitute and synthesize the experiences of the real world as well as replace things that are missing due to an injury.”

This project if it completes successfully would be able to replace lost senses in wounded soldiers, not only this it could create new senses and abilities for the soldiers that are in battlefield making them even stronger and sharper.

Dr. Nicolas Pegard in the team is working on a machine which could convert real-life experiences into mathematical patterns, then these patterns direct lasers to activate individual neurons by sending the proper amount of light upon them.

The project would be able to read thoughts and plant new ones into soldiers or anyone if it comes to the medical science.