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US To Invest $52 Billion In Chip Industry

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In the race for the future division of the global chip market, the USA presented: The domestic semiconductor industry is to be subsidized with a fairly high amount, 52 billion dollars are earmarked here.

The legal basis for this has now at least been approved by the Senate. The House of Representatives still has to give its approval, but fundamental resistance is not to be expected here. Due to the current bottlenecks and the resulting problems for many other areas of the economy, the approval process is currently even running fast, reports the industry journal EETimes.

The package also contains an amount of around $2 billion to respond to the current delivery crisis. This money should, for example, help to further optimize the existing production lines in the USA in the short term in order to keep the output as high as possible or even to increase it a little.

Not just money But Also Research And Development

The largest share of 49.5 billion dollars, on the other hand, is to flow into various research and development projects, which should ultimately ensure that production facilities are also available at locations in the country, with which one can be at the top of the world. The National Semiconductor Technology Center and the National Advanced Packaging Manufacturing Program, for example, benefit with a little over 10 billion dollars.

The amount mentioned is to be distributed over the next five years. He does not work completely alone, but also in connection with other initiatives and political decisions. This means that the global race in this area is likely to intensify significantly in the coming years. Because the Asian countries are likely to do a lot to prevent an important part of their export economy from simply giving up, while there are also some efforts in Europe to strengthen their own chip industry again in order to become more independent from the world market.

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