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Use Your Eyes To Perform Tasks On PCs- Microsoft New Update To Be Launched

We all know that Microsoft is bringing out a fresh, new update for the users in Windows 10. Well, now we know what the update is. Microsoft is coming up with the inbuilt eye tracking system in Windows 10. Through this eye tracking system, users would be able to navigate their PCs with their eyes. They won’t need mouse or keyboard to open a certain app or perform a task. They just need to look and gaze at the part of the screen or app they want to open and it will open up automatically. Similarly, for typing the words, users would need to look at the keyboard, at the character and it would type for you.

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This feature can be used by all but those users who suffer from hand diseases like ALS or other neuromuscular diseases this eye tracking system would be extremely advantageous.

Microsoft collaborated with Tobii on this project and used Tobii’s Eye Tracker 4C hardware in it for effective performance.

At the moment the upgrade is part of Windows Insider screening for immediate use. The members would need to login to Windows Insiders for access to this feature. As for launching this on stable Windows version has not been decided yet.

This eye tracking system is taking us another step nearer to making our PCs completely accessible and in our control.