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Users Can Unlock Chrome Incognito Mode With Face ID On iOS

Incognito Mode

The developers of Google are working on a new function for the iOS version of the Chrome browser. In the future, it should be possible to lock the incognito mode with Face ID. This prevents other people from seeing open tabs when the iPhone is given to them.

Many users use incognito mode to access web content that other people should not be able to see. Sometimes the browser is closed during research in order to be able to use another app on the smartphone. If the mobile phone is shared with friends in the meantime, they can open the browser and the incognito area without any problems. According to the bleeping computer, this should be prevented by logging in with Face ID before the tabs are displayed.

How To Activate

Currently, the function still has to be activated via a flag option. To do this, the user must call up the URL “chrome: // flags” and search for the entry “Device Authentication for Incognito mode”. After setting the option to “Enabled” and restarting Chrome, the user should open the “Privacy” area in the browser settings. The corresponding option has to be activated here. Now the user has to unlock the incognito mode with Face ID so that the tabs appear.

If you no longer want to use the feature, as it takes time to unlock it before opening the incognito area, you can deactivate the option in the settings at any time. All you have to do is toggle the switch at “Lock Incognito Tabs When You Close Chrome”. It is not yet known when the function will be integrated into the browser without having to use flag settings.