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Violence And Riots At Apple iPhone Factory In India

Riots India Wistron

A riot broke out in an iPhone factory in India. According to media reports, workers rioted and destroyed numerous facilities of Apple contract partner Wistron after the company failed to pay salaries as agreed.

This is reported by the Times of India, among others. A series of photos and videos are circulating on social media showing the destruction at the Wistron site in Narasapura, India. Accordingly, the riots should have come after Wistron should not have paid the agreed salary.

In some cases, employees are said to have only received half of the guaranteed monthly salary. In addition, over the past few weeks, the wages had been cut further and further without giving any reasons. The riots then broke out of frustration. The situation rose on site after the employees talked about the reduced salary payments and exchanged views on their situation. Wistron has so far not commented on the riots and the possible backgrounds.

Riot over reduced wages?

Employees at an iPhone manufacturing facility in India became violent on Saturday because they claimed workers were not getting what they were supposedly promised by Apple’s assembly partner Wistron. The incident reportedly started the Friday night shift at the Wistron-operated Narasapura manufacturing facility. Many of the approximately 2,000 employees who work in the company are said to have participated in the destruction of the facilities, assembly units, and vehicles.

The police were called in to help the rioting workers to calm down and to clear the premises. The offices of senior executives were attacked by the staff. Corresponding videos of the demolished offices, broken glass, and broken doors were shown. How high the damage has not yet been quantified.