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Vivaldi 5.6 accompanies the new Mastodon integration

Browser maker Vivaldi has made the Vivaldi 5.6 available today. It announced that soon it will bring Mastodon to its desktop version of the browser. Mastodon is one of the most popular alternatives to Twitter. The popularity of Mastodon rose since Elon Musk acquired Twitter in October 2022. In contrast to Twitter, Mastodon provides a decentralized approach. It gives the users the freedom to choose any server their choice. where each server focuses on distinct topics as well as rules for the content permitted.

Vivaldi backed Mastodon. Where the official presence has already been made since its occupancy on the platform known as Vivaldi Social. The users of Vivaldi have their spots saved on the Vivaldi Social instance on Mastodon. The users can easily join the platform by using their Vivaldi credentials.

Users can conveniently access Mastodon in Vivaldi by using the Panels feature residing on the left side of the browser window. Similar to current panels for Calendar, Mail, and the homepage of Wikipedia, Mastodon could be located. Thus, providing users with easy access to the social network while browsing the web alongside.

What’s new with Vivaldi 5.6?

The new Vivaldi 5.6 offers several new features. These include the following:

Pinned tabs

Vivaldi 5.6 is equipped with support for pinning tabs. Now the users can pin tabs stacked in the tabs bar. Pinning tabs is a feature that is available for quite a long with modern browsers. On the other hand, tab stacks enable the better organization of the browser window by creating a second level of tabs. In addition to tabs, tab stacks can also be pinned with Vivaldi 5.6. Thus, providing the users with quick access and spacious tab bars.

The settings menu

The settings menu has received a fresh new look. It is presented with well-organized categories as well as colored icons. Thus, providing a visual appeal.

Default search engine option

You.com is the default search engine option added by Vivaldi. You.com is a privacy-centered search engine. It provides the users with an option to search in private as well as personal mode. Given the private mode, no data is collected from the user. Where some data is fetched from the user in the personal mode in order to enhance the user experience. At the moment, You.com is only available for consumers residing in the US, Canada, the UK, and Germany.