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Vivo iQOO First 5G Version Launch Revealed

Vivo organized a media conversation on June 25 in Shanghai MWC2019. During the speech, the general manager of Vivo 5G communication research institute Qin Fei revealed the first 5G terminal of Vivo iQOO 5G version which is scheduled to be listed Q3 2019.

According to the details, Manager Qin Fei told media that 5G terminal requires higher specification on design, Antenna, Layout, motherboard area, protocol adaptation, stability, heat dissipation and it is much harder to develop as compared to 4G requirements.

Vivo has also unveiled it’s upgraded version of artificially intelligence voice assistant Jovi 2.0. The vice president of Vivo has announced Jovi during the event. He said Jovi has gradually gained popularity and has reached 150 million users and has more than 65 million active users on a monthly basis. The Jovi 2.0 has evolved naturally in this 5G era the Vice President said.

According to the details officially unveiled about Jovi 2.0, this is not just an Artificial Intelligent Voice Assistant; it is the new way of connecting and interacting. Vivo said it will continue to invest more in AI of the future, and hopefully, Jovi will provide all AI services to the users.