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VIVO NEX 2 To Introduce Detachable Camera Module


By announcing VIVO APEX concept phone the smartphone industry has been looking for the new changes, VIVO introduced dual-Screen module and popup selfie camera in NEX, the next generation NEX, also known as VIVO NEX 2 will introduce Detachable Camera Module.

According to the latest rending released by a Chinese source, VIVO NEX 2 will adopt a new detachable camera technology which would make the front-screen camera less and increase the screen ratio, it would also allow users to attach the camera to any part of the phone.

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The concept is leaked and still, in renders, it is not clear yet whether the front camera will completely be eliminated or not. However, the images show some promising change. The phone seems incredible with no hole on the front screen and camera can be attached anywhere anytime from the rear camera module.

Nothing much know about the hardware of VIVO NEX 2 at the moment but it might come in two variants, the one would be equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 7 series and the other one would be with Snapdragon 855.Nothing is solid at the moment but VIVO might use Sony’s 48MP camera module with this detachable technology.