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Volkeswagen Joint Venture With Nvidia For AI expansion beyond self-driving cars


Both the companies unveiled today that they are collaborating on AI development and deep learning into other areas of business for future growth which is beyond self-driving vehicles.

Volkeswagen has previously opened its data lab based in Munich in 2014, where it hired Prof. Patrick Van Der Smaqt to lead their dedicated artificial intelligence team whose goal was to expand AI into other business areas such as Robotics and use of technology in the organization setting.

This is the background of today’s announcement of partnership between Nvidia and Volkeswagen. VW wants to expand deep learning and use AI in other business areas and corporate functions, in mobility of services as an example, VW said it is developing systems to help optimize traffic flow in urban cities, the company sees the potential of collaboration between human and robot for this purpose.

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VW says, “AI is literally the key of digital future that is why we want to deploy efficient AI systems and expanding our knowledge and expertise is the precursor to all that development. Cooperation with Nvidia is one of the major steps we have taken into this direction, Dr. Martin Hofman, CIO of VW group said in a statement.

VW is working beyond strengthening its own brand, the auto-maker in collaboration with Nvidia is going to support many other startups in automotive industry. The VW data lab will start five new startups focused on machine learning and deep learning probably this fall.

It is worth mentioning that Nvidia has already started collaboration with other companies. Nvidia is powering up self-driving cars of Toyota, the company is also working with Audi to help shape their self-driving vehicle initiative. Recently reported, Nvidia has partnered with Volvo and Autoliv to streamline their self-driving initiatives.

But VW’s agreement is little different, VW partnership with Nvidia even goes beyond self-driving cars, it focuses more on data and working on the potential of AI and its expansion to other business areas. This will create a real knowledge base and expertise for both companies in the future.