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Volkswagen Not Afraid To Compete Apple Car

For a few weeks now, speculations and reports have been gathering around an allegedly planned electric car project by the US computer company Apple. At Volkswagen, however, they are self-confident and claim not to be afraid of the new competitor.

As VW boss Herbert Diess announced yesterday in an interview with German media, Volkswagen does not yet see any threat from Apple. The Reuters news agency had previously reported in December 2020 that Apple’s secret plans for electric vehicles had progressed so far that the company could offer a model for the mass market from 2024.

For Diess, this does not pose a threat. The auto industry is not a typical technology area that can be taken over in one fell swoop. Even Apple must slowly conquer the market, according to the prognosis, and cannot “do this overnight”.

As usual, Apple is keeping its plans under the highest level of secrecy, but recently several Asian car companies initially indicated that there had been talks with Apple about the production of electric cars, but then stated that the negotiations would no longer be continued. Initially, Kia and Hyundai were discussed as partners, and recently Nissan also issued a denial.

It is no surprise to Diess that Apple is active in the automotive sector. Such a project is a logical step for Apple, after all, the company has experience with batteries, software and design. In addition, Apple has enough money available to expand and use existing skills. Nevertheless, “we are not afraid,” said the VW boss.

VW develops the software for its electrically powered vehicles completely “in-house” as far as possible, because it is hoped that it will gain advantages in terms of competitiveness in competition with tech companies.