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Volkswagen shows the electric Bulli in all its glory for the first time


The name Bulli still means something to most people today, even if they have never sat on one of VW’s cult buses. The Volkswagen group, which is currently consistently rearranging itself towards electromobility, has long held out the prospect of a return of its legendary minibus. The ID Buzz was presented as a concept vehicle at a car show in 2017. However, many such concept cars never see the regular road as series production cars, so it could not be assumed at the time that the electric Bulli would actually be sold. But the vehicle was apparently so well received that the Wolfsburg automaker soon announced that the ID. Buzz actually goes into production. Of course: between the concept car from then and the ID. Buzz, there are some significant differences, but you can definitely still see certain similarities between the two vehicles. Or rather, you can see them now. Because in recent weeks there have been several teasers, but so far the electric Bulli has not been looked closely at.

Towards an indoor ride in Barcelona

However, Volkswagen recently published a video where you can get a really good look at the vehicle. if Electrek reported, it is the first time that the minibus can be seen so well – at least as a (colorfully) camouflaged, so-called Erlkönig version. Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles shows two buses when and after leaving the factory, the two cars are on their way to a “Covered Drive” event for journalists in Barcelona, ​​VW writes in one tweet. Electrek isn’t exactly sure what a covered drive is either, but it can be assumed that journalists can try out the new vehicles themselves. It is therefore to be expected that there will soon be various messages about how the ID. Buzz rides and feels. Until the official launch of the new ID. Buzz won’t be long either, as the bus’s final release is scheduled for March 9, 2022.