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Warning: WordPress Users, Update Now & do it manually

An embarrassing bug is announced by WordPress. WordPress 4.9.3 update launched a few days back and there is a huge bug in it. WordPress site will not auto-update to the new version, users will have to do it manually.

In the new WordPress 4.9.3 version 34 bugs have been fixed but updating to new WordPress version was done automatically for past four years. Now doing it manually is quite tiring & in easy terms just a disappointment.

As per the WordPress Core Development Blog,

“#43103-core aimed to reduce the number of API calls which get made when the autoupdate cron task is run. Unfortunately due to human error, the final commit didn’t have the intended effect, and instead triggers a fatal error as not all of the dependancies of find_core_auto_update() are met. For whatever reason, the fatal error wasn’t discovered before 4.9.3’s release – it was a few hours after release when discovered.”

So there is quite a fatal PHP error attached to WordPress 4.9.3. If WordPress tries to update automatically the update process is interrupted & site is left on 4.9.3 forever.

As for the good news, WordPress immediately released 4.9.4 update, with the emergency fix but for that users have to go back to 2012 & manually update to 4.9.3.

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After that when the user update to 4.9.4, auto update will get fixed, so when WordPress will update to 4..9.5 it will be done automatically, thus causing no further trouble to the user.

What do you have to do?

Well, WordPress has released full information on the bug along with full instructions to update by hand.

You have to sign to your WordPress sites as admin.

  • Go to Dashboard
  • Updates & Click
  • Update Now
  • After the update, your new version will be “Version 4.9.4”

Spread this message to your friends, colleagues, & especially to those who use WordPress. Many would not know that WordPress will not auto-update this time, they will have to do it by hand.