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Watch Videos Together Feature for Facebook Messenger Under Testing

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The social networking giant—Facebook is testing another amazing feature to watch videos together for its Messenger application.

Some weeks back, we learnt that Facebook Messenger’s most recent update brought a great influx of interesting features. The big networking giant made its user interface simpler by removing all the shortcuts and buttons.

Later it started to work on the feature of Unsend Message, which was launched three days back. This introduced feature removes the message from the conversation as well as from the inbox of the message receiver.

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The feature to watch videos together code was seen indicating that Facebook is all set to launch the new feature.

The testing is being done internally so it is expected that Facebook might be releasing this feature at any time soon. The feature would be kind of replica of the Watch Party.

The feature would permit the users to drop the video in the Messenger. After doing so the user could ping the person or the group of people present in his/her Messenger app so that the video could be watched together at the same time. Everybody who is included in the chat could then simply sync, could even make comments and then react on the video being watched.

It is a probability that Facebook is intending to support this feature for videos that are hosted on the platform of Facebook only which means that the users would not be able to drop in the videos from other platforms like YouTube or Netflix etc.

It could not be said that when this feature would be launching. There are no statements about this feature’s launch from the social networking giant.

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