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What Do You Know About Geofencing? A Guide to Geofences Using Wondershare FamiSafe

In some ways, mobile phones have become a necessity. It’s an easier and better way to know where your kids are and what they’re up to. But their mobile phone use can increase when they get older, and they might not even focus on their studies.

To ensure that the kids are going to school and not going out late at night to party, you need a parental control app like Wondershare FamiSafe. This article is the guidebook for you if you’re interested.

Part 1: Why Do Parents Look for Utilizing Geofences?

A location tracker can assist you in tracking your kid, but why is there a need to track the kids and set geofences for them? Read below to know!

1. For Safe Travelling

No one can be trusted these days, and many tragedies can happen during traveling. You can’t travel with your kids on a school bus or while on a class trip to keep them safe from any accidents. This is where a geofence can play a very important role and bring you peace that your kids are safe. You can set a safe geofence where the vehicle will stop; if it doesn’t reach there, you will be immediately informed about that.

2. Add Safe Places

It’s frightening to leave kids alone but also necessary because they need their freedom and space. Being a parent, it’s normal to worry about sending your kids outside without supervision. In this case, you can add a safe geofence to stay relaxed. The geofence helps keep the kids safe and informs you if they come out of the safe zone you’ve set.

3. Keep Them Away from Dangerous Territories

Kids can go anywhere when they are not looked at. Playing with friends and going out is not a problem, but what if they get lost? This fear stops many parents from allowing their kids to go outside and play with their other friends. To save the kids from any unsafe place, mark the area as a red zone so that your kid will be safe and you will be relieved.  

4. Driving Relief

Teaching your kids how to drive is important; however, it’s hard to know how they are driving all the time. It’s not right to chase them to see if they are driving well. The smart thing to do here would be to use a location tracker; it’s a better and more reliable solution to look out for your kids without disturbing them. You can also set a geofence for your kids to drive in a safer area and keep an eye on them just by looking at your phone.

Part 2: Introducing Wondershare FamiSafe As The Perfect Accessibility For Setting Geofences

Kids need to be looked at 24/7 because one small wrong move can have very drastic effects. Wondershare FamiSafe is an excellent parental app that protects your kids with you. The app offers geofences that will keep your kids in a safe place. You can sit back, relax, and let FamiSafe do all the work.

With FamiSafe, you can get your kid’s activity report daily and track their location in real time. This app also offers driving reports; you can see how your kid is driving in real-time or look at the driving report. You can see what your kids are up to and how they are doing without worrying daily. FamiSafe is one of the most reliable apps for parental control, and its results speak for themselves.

Part 3: [Guide for Parents] How to Set up Wondershare FamiSafe Perfectly Across the Children’s Devices?

It only takes a few minutes to set up FamiSafe on your and your kid’s mobile phone. Read the guide below to start using FamiSafe and set geofences for your kid’s safety:

Setup on Parent’s Phone

Step 1: Install and open FamiSafe on your phone and start by creating your account on it. You can add your email address and sign up directly or do a third-party login through Google, Apple, or Facebook.

Step 2: Once you successfully log in, click “Start” to add your kid’s name and age. Following this, you will also receive a pairing code which you will later use to pair with your kid’s device.

Setup on Kid’s iOS

Step 1: Download the FamiSafe Kid’s iOS app and log in to the app using your account. You can also click on “Pair with Code” or use a third-party account to connect with your kid’s account. Write the name and age of your kid and move forward.

Step 2: Install the FamiSafe profile to grant access to the app to make changes. Click on “Install” and download the profile through Safari. After that, go to settings, click on downloaded profiles, and install the profile of FamiSafe. The system will ask if you trust the app, click “Trust,” and install the profile.

Step 3: Now go to the settings of Safari and click on “Content Blocker” to enable for FamiSafe, and you’re all set to track your child.

Setup on Kid’s Android

Step 1: Get the FamiSafe Android app, sign in using your FamiSafe account, or connect with your third-party account. Or pair the kid’s account with yours by using the pairing code you were given, and once you’re done, click on “Start” and add the initial information of your child, like their name and age.

Step 2: The system will ask for some permissions before giving access to FamiSafe. Activate the Accessibility and Display Over Other Apps. Provide Notification and Administrative Access to the Apps and Allow Complete App Supervision for getting all the details and reports. Last but not least, give access to the Contact List and keep the app running in the background to keep a check on your kids in every situation.

Add Geofences

To set a geofence, go to the features and click “Geofences.” Now, look for the location by searching it to add it as a geofence. After that, select the area range it will cover and click on “Save.”


Keeping tabs on kids of this generation is harder, so you need a fast and reliable way to look out for your kids. Adding a geofence with a parental control app is like putting a safety net on your kids. If they cross the geofence when they are not supposed to, you can immediately call and ask them what is wrong. Wondershare FamiSafe is an awesome app for parental control; download the app and take care of your kids with FamiSafe.