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What is an MC Number and Who Needs One?

MC Number

If you are already familiar with the trucking industry, you must have heard about the MC number. However, if you have decided to initiate your own driving business. You will need to know everything about the MC number. In this feature, we will dig deep into the crux of this concept. However, before doing it, we need to introduce the MC Number.

What is an MC number?

MC, which stands for the motor carrier number, is an authorization number that is assigned by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety. This number is essential for every trucking company that has to operate in interstate commerce. Companies that are responsible for transporting passengers or carry hazardous material must have an mc number. In contrast, if a new business doesn’t invest in the MC number, the state authorities will make sure it gets shut as soon as possible.

Does Everyone Need an MC Number?

In simple words, every trucking company operating within the interstate authority must have an active number. However, this is also dependent on the type of freight you are moving. For example, if you work for a company that operates within the state, you will need an MC number to move the cargo.  You are mandatorily required to acquire an MC number if you are sifting through the intermodal freight. Because the cargo will travel from several locations throughout the state, you will have to settle for this number, regardless of your choice.

Keep in mind, truck drivers who operate within the state are covered by the governmental authority. However, when you decide to move beyond the borders, it becomes crucial to be mindful of the MC number.

How to Get an MC Number?

If you don’t have valuable information about the MC number, we’re glad to have you here. You will be thrilled to know. It only takes three weeks to get the MC number. If you have decided to invest in the trucking business, now is the right time to cement your decision. Keep in mind. It is crucial for you to start this process on time. As soon as you file the MC number with the FMCSA, you will have to pay the registration fee. Once the process is complete, you will be issued the MC number. However, you can’t expect it to be active right away.

Secondly, you will have 20 days to settle your BOC-3. You will also have to buy an insurance policy. Keep in mind; it is crucial for every trucking company to be insured; otherwise, it cannot operate. If you want to know about the best rate of any insurance company, you must compare the policies before choosing one. However, if you don’t have hands-on experience of getting this work done before, there is no harm in getting professional help.

However, this is not all. There are several more steps you need to take when initiating a trucking company. Once you get the MC and DOT number, you have to pay the HVUT. This tax has to be paid if you want to begin operations. Secondly, when you’ve paid this tax, you will be entitled to the apportioned plates for your vehicles. As a beginner, you need to know; an IRP is where all the trucks are registered according to the multiple jurisdictions.

Once you have gone through this process, you need to set up the International Fuel Agreement for your business. This report will detail the taxes between the different provinces. Keep in mind, unless you don’t have the MC number, it will be hard for you to operate your business. Because the trucking industry is operating at a perfect competition, it is crucial for you to go the extra mile to fulfill the requirements of the state. The MC number is issued to create a demarcation between different businesses, so unless you don’t register for it, there is no need to risk your investment. Apart from the MC number, you will also have to comply with several regulations set by the state. For example, when a driver decides to take up the trucking job, they will have to pass the medical exam. Similarly, there are several aspects that you have to be mindful about.