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What is Chat GPT and How Chat GPT Different From Other AI Programs

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Whether a poem or a computer code – Chat GPT writes digital fingers sore. But how does the language program based on artificial intelligence work?

The research company Open AI, which specializes in the development of artificial intelligence (AI), and whose co-founders once included the Tesla mogul and Twitter owner Elon Musk, has presented a new language program and has caused initial testers to ecstasy. Future historians, many a drunken nerd, would divide historiography into a pre-chat and post-chat GPT period. But looking at it soberly: What exactly is Chat GPT, what can it do, how do you use it, and what for?

What is Chat GPT?

Chat GPT is a communication program, a so-called chatbot, which is based on an artificial intelligence language model. The function of Chat GPT is to react to user requests in a human-like manner and thus – at least virtually – to enable an interaction that seems real. The Apple software Siri is one of the most popular AI-supported communication programs. In principle, Chat GPT also works according to this pattern. 

If you ask the language program itself – “What are you?” – By the way, it provides the following answer: “I am Assistant, a large language model trained by Open AI. My main purpose is to help people answer questions and provide information, as well as have conversations. Is it something specific you want to know? Let me help you.”

But what actually is artificial intelligence?

Artificial intelligence, in a nutshell, is a technology that is designed to enable a computer to solve various types of tasks that would require intelligence for humans to process – from programming a code to writing a text. The aim of AI research is to constantly modify the capabilities of its computers and to bring them ever closer to human intelligence, in order to possibly even surpass them.

The forerunner of Chat GPT: The artificial intelligence programs GPT-3 and GPT-3.5

Chat GPT technology, meanwhile, is not new. The newly released chatbot is based on a precursor to Open AI, namely GPT-3 and GPT-3.5. With this, the AI ​​research company has already succeeded in developing language programs that can independently supplement and even generate texts and do not produce careless language salad a la Google translation, but use a natural language. Both were able to establish themselves on the market and are still used today by many app and game providers.

Difference to other AI programs: Chat GPT has a memory and can write poems

With Chat GPT, however, the developers want to have succeeded in creating a much smarter bot that should be able to write more original and detailed texts even better, and even poetry should be granted to it, but above all: a real communication situation with a human being to simulate. During programming, the developers attached great importance to the dialog behavior of the AI ​​computer. 

According to the first users, Chat GPT still gives numerous incorrect and strange-sounding answers to questions asked. In addition, the program seems to convince many users with its improvisational skills and memories, which are actually only reserved for humans. In this way, nonsensical questions should be recognized directly instead of answering them with speech salad as usual. The bot should also be able to remember previous comments in a conversation and play them back to the user. 

Chat GPT: What do the developers want to achieve?

The promise of the developers seems obvious: soon a computer should be able to be used in the same way that many people already use the Google search engine today. As a universal knowledge machine that spits out all the important theoretical and practical answers to life’s questions and thus binds people firmly to themselves. 

How to trick the chat GPT?

The first user reactions on Twitter suggest that humans still have the upper hand in the competition between intelligence. For example, Chat GPT’s built-in refusal to respond to questions about how to harm people should be easily overridden simply by asking for a novel inspiration. 

Chat GPT is currently in a preview phase and is free to use. The prerequisite is that you first create an account with personal data such as e-mail address and telephone number.



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