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What is new in the YouTube thumbnail maker?

YouTube Thumbnail maker

Create thumbnails easily, quickly and for free with an efficient thumbnail maker It is a famous free Windows utility to create scaled-down/up copies and accurate thumbnail images from the broad range of famous picture formats.  An attractive interface forms it a snap for finding the images and selecting them to process in groups, individually or in the entire folder. Users can do this task by utilizing the built-in image viewer or simple file. It can be done very easily with the use of the slider control. It rotates images and adjusts its quality, brightness, contrast, and checks out the results with the built-in viewer.

What is YouTube Thumbnail Maker?

These are the book covers of the video world online. This factor motivates the visitors to decide whether to click on the video or leave it. An eye-catching image draws them in; on the other hand, the blurry and boring puts them off.

What is a thumbnail image?

Graphic designers and photographers use the term Thumbnail to represent the large image in the form of the small image. It is intended to form it faster and easier to look at or for managing the groups of the large images.

How big must YouTube thumbnails be?

A custom thumbnail image must be as big in size as it can be. It should be as large as it can be used as the preview image. It should have 1280×720 resolutions. It can be able to upload in all image formats such as PNG, BMP, GIF, or JPG.


Users can create thumbnails in a new folder or an existing folder. They can identify these folders very easily by adding suffix or prefix to the filename. If someone is an image-processing enthusiast, he/she will enjoy having the choice of filters to attain the best possible results. It is easy for the users, to convert the small batch of images from the File menu in the Window Explorer. With the right click of the mouse, you will enjoy generating thumbnails.

Users can save their thumbnails online or offline. It is very easy to create your own layouts and documentation that include some useful tips and instructions. Some important traits are given below.

  • Contains eleven resampling filters such as Lanczos3, Bicubic
  • Scale images down or up in batches
  • Real-time previews of the targeted image and the size of its file
  • Sharpens soft image form the digital camera
  • Saves EXIF record in JPEG image
  • Free for professional use and home users
  • Runs under all latest versions of Windows
  • Empowers lossless JPEG rotation

A high-quality thumbnail maker for YouTube never annoys the users with nag screens, junkware and ads. You can enjoy it for 100% free.

Supported Image Formats

  • (*.ico) Windows Icon File
  • (*.emf) Windows Enhanced Meta File
  • (*.vst, *.vda,*.targa, *.tga) Truevision Targa
  • (*.fax, *.tiff, *.tif) Tagged Image File Formats
  • (*.png) Portable Network Graphics
  • (*.gif) CompuServe Graphics Interchange
  • (*.ppm, *.pgm, *PBM) Portable Bitmap
  • JPEG 2000
  • JPEG
  • Zsoft PC Paintbrush (*.pcx)
  • Wireless Bitmap images
  • OS/2 Bitmap or Windows
  • Windows Meta File

An efficient thumbnail creator is always very easy to use because it allows a user to generate the great looking thumbnail in a few minutes. It does not need to use GIMP or Photoshop or other image editing software in the presence of this tool. It allows you to make your thumbnail for YouTube for free. It is a user’s friendly program that is very easy to operate and use for the beginners. Users get plenty of templates for free to make thumbnail to cover the video. This will be attractive and eye-catching.

Thumbnail Maker App

A thumbnail maker for YouTube allows you to make a YouTube thumbnail maker. You can use it for making high-quality thumbnails on all platforms of the social media. One of the handiest thumbnail maker app is available for iOS and Android. You can download Thumbnail Maker both on the Google Play Store and App Store. I’ve personally used this app and found it to be a highly efficient app for making banners, YouTube art making and much more.