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What is the future of content marketing and how to stay ahead in competition

future of content marketing

In recent years content marketing has become more popular and the trend is continuously upward. The importance of content quality is always recognized and understood. Content development became a prominent marketing tool for many companies and the key to success in 2013-14. While the word “content” is common but content developers have worked hard in the past in finding true meaning and methods that contributes towards content.

This resulted in creation of extremely powerful content strategies in the past year.

What we learned in the past

Content is much more than text and images

The growing popularity of content in the recent years made companies to compete on this venue, especially the term content marketing has really got central figure in the content. Because of that development of content is just not confined to processing texts, articles, books and magazines. People have diverse learning styles and learn things by different and their preferred means. Some people learn quickly and happily by reading plain text, some may prefer illustrations, pictures and diagrams with the text and some might love visuals. The strategy should be accommodating all types of users at all levels this would create bubbles of different sizes from single blowing point that would reach maximum possible audience. Providing a combination of content format is necessary in 2015 and on-wards in order to stand out from the competitors.

Don’t forget mobile usability

Now mobile devices has been increasing dramatically also search engines have recognized this fact and focusing on increasing user’s mobile experience. Google also have started rank websites higher that are mobile responsive. Keeping mobile friendly content would increase your chances to reach the people who are on the mobile. The winning content marketing strategy should must have mobile responsive content.

Storytelling in the content

The content is not all about explaining the features, benefits and usefulness of the product or service you offer, but rather it is necessary to communicate with your audience about yourself as a brand. People like stories, and success stories capture more interest. Breaking your company’s entire operation into bits and pieces of stories would engage more audience and enhance user’s interest in your brand.

Content promotion always on the move

While the content is on the move from across the web, new content has been developed every minute which gives an impression that older content that has been published months or years back is not relevant now and has not much to share. Change this thinking if you have it, some older content may be interesting and new for people who have not seen it before. People see change in their behaviors and interest overtime, you might come across people who were not interested in your content earlier but they are now. So keep promoting your older content and see how it pays back.

Invest in content

Content may not provide you with direct strings of sales, it may not yield results overnight but it worth the investment. Producing quality content requires investment and businesses always focus on return-on-investment. Many business owners might think rather than investing on content invest in products or services. This approach might be very effective few years back but not now. Keep investing for content development and promotion and forget about the quick return on this investment. Your business will prosper in the long-run with this strategy and stay up-to-date in future.

Image credit: Ellagrin via shutterstock