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What To Look for in Smartphones For Online Games

With the advent and evolution of the Internet, the owners and developers of online services quickly appreciated the prospects. In recent years, the video gaming and online casino industries have shown rapid progress. However, technology does not stop there, offering the modern user more and more comfortable conditions for entertainment. New gadgets are being released with technical features that enable you to spin slot reels, bet on sports, and launch games in any convenient location away from your computer.

Every year, big-name brands compete in producing powerful, state-of-the-art devices. They differ not only in cost but also in appearance, size, and capabilities. The user, in turn, is guided by the market value and chooses a model according to his or her financial capabilities.

Advantages of Mobile Online Entertainment

Leisure time on the Internet is not limited to surfing social networks and YouTube. Most owners of gadgets prefer mobile games, and those who enjoy the excitement in particular prefer online casinos. There are several reasons why the desktop PC becomes a thing of the past and mobile gadgets become the preferred option:

  1. It is possible to launch slots, read  Casino Max reviews and feedback about other platforms, bet in card games, roulette, fight monsters and other opponents in mobile games, etc. The power of new smartphones is enough to handle multitasking and load all game software without problems.
  2. There is no attachment to one place near the computer – you can walk, work, travel or just ride the subway, and still be an active participant in online events in a game or a gambling establishment.
  3. All the functionality of desktop programs is available on mobile devices – most developers have adapted versions for smartphones. This applies to both games and online casinos. Having registered one account on a PC, you can continue the game on your phone by simply logging into the existing profile.
  4. There are lots of free video games in the marketplaces with fascinating storylines in any kind of genre. Just go to the store and download the software you like. This is especially true for Android devices, which are less demanding in terms of permissions to download from third-party sources.

There are actually many more reasons for choosing mobile entertainment. These are just the main points that any user of a mobile gadget can identify.  

Criteria for Choosing a Smartphone for Gaming and Online Casino

Due to the fact that modern gaming software is becoming more and more demanding to the device capacity, you should immediately decide what kind of entertainment you plan to run. If simple Tetris, solitaire, or similar applications are enough, then do not spend a large sum of money, a low-cost model will be enough.

Another thing is when you are a real fan of RPGs, MOBAs, shooters, and strategies. Or you regularly visit online casino sites where you need the device stability for accurate betting. In this case, it is important to focus on the detailing, accuracy of the touchscreen, and a large display. 

The fact is that none of the manufacturers indicate “For gaming” on the packaging, so you will have to understand the characteristics yourself. Here are some points you should pay attention to in the first place.

ProcessorIt is responsible for the efficiency of requests processing
Video acceleratorIt is responsible for the efficiency of requests processing
RAMIt indicates how fast the device is in transferring data
Storage capacityIt indicates how much storage space is available on the device
Matrix type and resolutionIt provides detail and multitouch, as well as picture clarity
BatteryIt accounts for the device’s battery life, how long the smartphone runs without recharging

Review of the Best Smartphones 2022 for Gaming and Online Casino

Based on the above criteria, we have collected the best models of novelties of mobile gadgets, which are already successfully used by the happy owners. It is worth noting that all models are equally perfectly able to cope with both demanding games and any online sites for gambling entertainment.

Nubia Red Magic 5G 

The main advantage of the device is demonstrated in the name. The latest 5G technology is already being actively implemented in the world becoming a replacement for WIFI. This is great news for those who play online casinos and are worried about the stability of the network. 

The rest of the specifications do not lag behind either: 8 or 12 GB of RAM, Snapdragon 865, and 144 Hz display – FPS will not lag even in the toughest games on maximum settings! The large 6.65-inch screen will enable you to make precise strokes exactly where you planned.

Lenovo Legion Phone Duel

This is a no less interesting device, which was appreciated by gamers and visitors to online casinos. The top-of-the-line is equipped with a 5000 mAh battery, which will allow you to play for much longer than one hour. Optimization for the landscape position creates a comfortable environment for gambling, displaying the slot in full screen. 

The smartphone has a retractable camera, which does not interfere with the display, and thus gives even more space for a good view. Adding the new Snapdragon 865 Plus processor and 12-16 gigabytes of RAM, the result is a great device for a reasonable price.


This smartphone is endowed with technical characteristics that will satisfy the requirements of the most demanding user. Despite the rather high price tag, it is in demand among those who are used to dynamic gaming and innovative gambling.

Amoled display shows every detail, and thanks to the latest chip Snapdragon 888, and 16 gigabytes of RAM, the player will never have to wait for loading graphics. 

Even more interesting facts about new mobile devices can be found on the BBC channel in dedicated articles.


If you are an active player in a casino or enjoy mobile games, we recommend purchasing a good smartphone. With each passing day, games become more demanding, online casinos share with their visitors new slots with complex 3D graphics. The latest models of smartphones will be relevant for more than one year, delighting with speed, stability, and autonomous operation.