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What’s new in iOS 17 Beta 2

iOS 17

Yesterday the Cupertino-based tech firm rolled out the second beta of iOS 17. In addition to this, the company has also rolled out the second beta of iPadOS 17 updates to developers. Of course, these updates are meant for testing purposes. Both beta versions are accompanied by a number of small changes. The company streamlined the operating system before its release. In this short piece, we will uncover the tiny changes introduced to the second beta of iOS 17.

Renewed Screen

Technically speaking, this was a feature of the initial beta, however, the update page now provides additional details about the beta software. It contains information on signing up for a beta program and creating a backup before installing beta software.

Tips for apps

Many Apple-designed apps have a tips feature that lists the functionalities offered. For instance, there is a tip in the Messages app about using Siri to send messages rather than typing them out. When AirDropping, it is advised to hold the phone close to another phone if there are no other persons in the immediate area.

Location Settings

There is a new “microlocation” option under the Location privacy options in the Systems Settings section. It has not been explained by Apple. Standby Clock Faces and App Clips Location Confirmation are no longer available choices.

Messages Check In

Apple has modified the phrasing of the data options for the Check-In feature in the Messages section of the Settings app. Alternatives to “Current location only” and “All locations visited” are now “Full” and “Limited,” respectively. While Full comprises all of the limited data as well as the route is taken and the location of the most recent iPhone unlock and Apple Watch removal. On the other hand, Limited data is defined as the user’s current location and information about the battery and network signal.

Music App

Previously, turning on the Activating Crossfade for Apple Music crashed the Settings app. It has now been fixed. Additionally, a customizable length for the Crossfade feature is a part of the new update.

StandBy Mode

Users could turn off notifications in the StandBy mode. However, even when the feature is off, “Critical” notifications will still be sent.

Size of the Apple Music Widgets

The sizes of a few ‌Apple Music‌ widgets are now available in various size options.