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WhatsApp Hack – Scammers Demand Money by showing Murder Videos

The leading social media app, WhatsApp is being hacked by scammers. WhatsApp users are being targeted by the hackers and they are using intimidation to get money.

Green Bay Police took a report relating to this scam.

The scam works like this:

The hackers take the number of the WhatsApp user through Facebook. They find the numbers that are made public on Facebook. They use the number to hack WhatsApp After hacking WhatsApp account of users, the scammers demand money. They intimidate the users by showing them “very graphic videos of brutal murders”. As per the police, these videos are “stock videos” from the internet.

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Recommendations by the police

  • Make sure your Facebook and other social media account is secure
  • Make sure your phone number and location is not public on Facebook
  • Try to use unique, different passwords that can’t be easily hacked
  • Make sure you don’t share your passwords with anybody

We reported earlier that a viral message is freezing WhatsApp. On receiving this message, the app gets crashed as per the reports. It is Telugu script message consisting of a “Telugu” text bomb. The message is, “‘I can hang your WhatsApp for a while, just touch below message.”

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