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WhatsApp ‘Ignore Archived Chats’ Feature Revealed

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It was reported that WhatsApp is working on a ‘Vacation Mode’ which would automatically archive the muted chats.

Now the same feature is revealed against under the name “Ignore archived chats” in the current Android beta update. It brings the version number to v2.19.101. Presently the feature is being tested so it has not rolled out on all phones.

Also, the update adds a section called “Archived chats” to the main menu of the WhatsApp app. There are not any significant features added to the latest beta update except for the “Archived chats” section.

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Through this the WhatsApp users would be able to access the archived chates easily without scrolling down to the chat feed.

Users would be able to access the list of their archived chats. Also, WhatsApp is soon launching its vacation mode called “Ignore archived chats” that would be enabled through WhatsApp Notification Settings. It would ensure that archived chats remain archived even when new messages are received by the user.

There is a slight difference between WhatsApp’s “Ignore archived chats” feature and the Vacation mode. The Vacation mode prevents the chats to be unarchived only when they are muted while “Ignore archived chats” can prevent both muted and un-muted chats to get unarchived if they were archived once earlier. Archived chats will only be unarchived when user does it manually.