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Whatsapp is testing out two new features in beta version


WhatsApp is the most widely used messaging app in the world and it is bringing to the audience two new amazing features for beta version 2.18.194. The two new updates in the beta version testing are media visibility and a shortcut to add new contacts.

What is the media visibility feature?

Media visibility feature allows the user to set the visibility of their media files, which means that the user has an access to not make visible media files from being shown in galleries other than WhatsApp. This feature can be accessed as WhatsApp Settings > Data and Storage usage subsection.

However, it is not clear whether the user can halt the photo from being shared to other platforms or not. Previously, the Media visibility was available to not show or display downloaded content received from all the contacts in the gallery.

The second feature is a shortcut for ‘New Contact’ in the Select Contact section. Currently, the only available shortcut is New Group, but now there will be a New Contact feature where the user is expected to add a contact directly instead of adding them through the contact directory.

Whatsapp has also introduced the ‘Dismiss as Admin’ feature as reported. This feature will allow users to remove a particular person as the admin of a group. Users who are administrators of WhatsApp groups will be able to demote other admins without deleting the person from the group. This feature is being made available on WhatsApp’s latest version 2.18.41. However, to use this “Dismiss as Admin” feature the other user has to be an Admin. Users will not see this option in groups where they are not admins.

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