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WhatsApp Launched WhatsApp Business—A Separate App for Small Businesses

WhatsApp has released its separate application made especially for the use of small business owners in order to connect them with their customers more easily.

The app incorporates dedicated features like business profiles having detailed information relating the business and business owners like the email address, business description, store locations and addresses, website, options to respond quickly, smart messaging features like greetings and away messages and records of the number of messages sent, delivered and read.

All those individuals who have two numbers, I mean business number separate from the personal number, the WhatsApp Business and WhatsApp Messenger apps both can be used on the same phone or device using the different numbers.

WhatsApp Business is compatible with WhatsApp Web, the application’s desktop web browser client.

Business accounts would be distinctly listed. WhatsApp has notified that with time, businesses that have confirmed their account phone numbers and if the number matches with their business phone numbers would be receiving a confirmation badge on their respective profiles. This would exactly be like the last year’s WhatsApp action of selecting business accounts in the standard app and adding green verification badges to them.

As per WhatsApp other users, they would continue enjoying the usual standard app and would continue having full command over the messages they receive or send and blocking and reporting spam numbers.

WhatsApp Business is freely available for download for the Android users, though it is not mentioned with clarity that when would it be available for the iOS devices.

WhatsApp Business is presently unveiled and available for the users in Italy, Indonesia, the UK, Mexico and the US. The global rollout of the app is planned in the coming weeks.

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