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WhatsApp Launches “Restrict Group” Feature for Admins

WhatsApp—the Facebook-owned messaging platform is launching its “Restrict Group” feature for all the Android, iOS and Window phone users. This feature would give the group admins power to restrict the other members from sending text messages, videos, GIFs, documents, photographs or voice messages.

As per the WABetaInfo—a famous fan site that tests the new WhatsApp features, one needs to update the WhatsApp version to the 2.18.132 Android update for remotely getting the activation of the feature.

The “Restrict Group” feature, was first spotted in the December of 2017, adds “Privacy Settings” in the group.

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The website mentions that all the participants could normally edit the group description, subject and icon, however, the administrator could restrict this feature today, thus preventing non-administrators from changing the group description.

The action could be managed in the Admin Settings, a new option is present in Group Info that is visible to the admins only.

In Admin Settings, the administrator could restrict that who could or could not change the group info.

Admins could keep sharing media and keep on chatting like they normally do as they restrict other members.

Once restricted, other members would simply be able to read the messages but would not be able to respond.

They would be needed to use the “Message Admin” button to post a message or share media to the group. The message would need to be approved by the admin before it could be seen by the rest of the group.

Back in October, reports said that admins on WhatsApp groups would soon be able to select if other participants could modify the subject of the group, its description and icon.

With greater than 1.5 billion monthly active users, WhatsApp is available in more than fifty different languages throughout the world and in ten Indian languages.

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