WhatsApp New Update: WhatsApp Has Launched 2 New Updates Security And Status

“WhatsApp has Launched 2 New Updates Recently”

Now you can enjoy these recent updates from WhatsApp. WhatsApp has recently updated 2 new key features, one is regarding security and the other one is regarding status.

Status Update

If you have enabled auto-updates on your phone then you might be able to see this updated tab of status on top. If you do not see any status tab then you have to update your WhatsApp manually in order to use this feature.

Now you can display Pictures and videos on your status instead of just text. And you can also manage privacy setting while updating your status. You can choose from the contacts who can see your status update. Status changes lasts for 24 hours.

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Security Update: Two-Step Verification

WhatsApp is also considering more secure environment hence, they have launched this feature to protect user’s privacy.

Now you can set a password if you have to reactivating WhatsApp on any other or new device. Verification code that you used to get to activate WhatsApp on other devices may not be as secure as this one.


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