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WhatsApp Reaches 5 billion Installation Mark

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WhatsApp, a social media platform that is owned by Facebook has as per reports reached the 5 billion installation mark in the play store of Android. It is the second non-Google application to have attained the milestone.

As per the Statista’s report, WhatsApp is the most famous messenger across the globe. Roughly the number of downloads is 1.6 billion. As per the report, WhatsApp has outranked the messenger of Facebook which stands at 1.3 billion installs.

As per the Google Play Store, South Korea is marked as the most growing WhatsApp market. The rate of downloading of the application had surged to 56 per cent last year.

The Sensor Tower analysis has revealed that the 850 million downloads of Google has amassed the 800 million downloads in the second quarter of 2019. But, the overall downloads of Facebook are still greater than that of Google.

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Facebook is now having 4 out of the 5 most downloaded applications across the world. The list includes Facebook Messenger, Instagram, and WhatsApp. It does not, but, come as a surprise as the rate of engagement of the application is significantly very high.

As per the report of AndriodPolice the maximum number of android applications that reach the large amount of installs, this number not just have the downloads from Play Store, but also the pre-installed copies like Huawei and Samsung has jumbled the app with the smartphones in the past.

The first non-Google application to reach the 1 billion installation club was TikTok formed by Bytedance. The app has a Chinese background and has a very high rate of the engagement rate of the users. The application has been banned but for the US army cadets as the nation’s lawmaker’s are scared that it gives off information to the government of China.

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