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WhatsApp Self-Destructing Messages Are Renamed “Expiring Messages” Coming Soon

Since 2019, WhatsApp has tested the possibility of users sending temporary messages, which are automatically deleted after a certain period of time. Now, in a new update of the beta version of the program (2.20.110) for Android, the platform has added new details about this feature that should soon arrive in the most popular messaging application in the world very soon.

According to information from the Wabetainfo website, Whatsapp renamed the temporary messages “Expiring Messages“. This is not the first time that this happens. The platform previously identified the resource with the names “Self-destructive Messages”, “Revoke Message“, Unsend Messages “,” Delete Messages for Everyone “and” Disappearing Messages “

For the time being, in collective conversations, temporary messages can only be triggered by administrators in the “group data” section. In individual chats, the option is described in “see contact”, informs Wabetainfo.

The big news, however, corresponds to the introduction of a clock icon next to the image of the groups or contacts that indicates the application of the resource in the conversation. The indicator is shown both in the contact list and on the chat page.

Remember that Whatsapp still works on expiring messages, so users must still wait indefinitely to find the function available in their applications.

Support for multiple devices

Another feature tested in Whatsapp Beta is the possibility for the user to simultaneously connect to an account through different devices – through a smartphone and a tablet, for example.The company has worked on this in previous updates. When the test user adds his account in a second application the encryption key is changed and a warning is exposed in the conversations.