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WhatsApp to Introduce Feature “Share Contact Info Via QR”

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As per the recent rumours, WhatsApp is considering to bring in the feature for users to share their contact info via QR code, which appears very much like the Nametag feature of Instagram or like the Snapcode feature on Snapchat.

WhatsApp is fully engaged these days in enhancing stickers on its platform. It has added a dedicated search feature and the feature for creating customized stickers.

It has also been in the news that WhatsApp is intending to bring a simpler way to permit users to add a new contact directly from this messaging application.

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As per the reports of WABetaInfo the new feature of WhatsApp is called the “Share Contact Info via QR”.

This new feature would permit one to share the contact details with other WhatsApp users via a QR code.

The WABetaInfo people to provide details of the advanced contact-sharing feature have shared a few screenshots.

As per the shared screenshots, the present WhatsApp users would be able to add a new contact on WhatsApp just by scanning the QR code of the contact. The app would then be filling all the required fields and then would add the contact in the address book, once it detects and identifies the QR code correctly.

Presently, the feature is observed on iOS, however, there is a full probability that it would soon be available on Android too in future.

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