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WhatsApp users can now pin several messages in a conversation

The option to pin a message to a chat so that it is always accessible in that conversation was first introduced by WhatsApp quite some time ago. Users can now pin several messages to the same chat using Meta’s current app version, which is a minor update to this feature.

The number of messages you can pin to a chat on WhatsApp has been increased

Users can now pin up to three separate messages per chat, whether they are part of groups or solo discussions, according to the platform. Because pinned messages remain at the top of a chat, this feature is great for making it easier to find essential messages. The software allows the user to access the entire message in that chat with a single swipe.

In a WhatsApp chat, you can pin a message as follows:

  • Start a chat on WhatsApp.
  • Hold down the message for a long time.
  • Click on “Pin” in the context menu.
  • Select how long the pinned message will stay up.

Reminders can be set to expire after 24 hours, 7 days, or 30 days (with 7 days being the default). Admins can also decide whether a message can be pinned by all members or only by them in group conversations.

More new features are coming to WhatsApp

Four new text formatting choices, including block quotes and bulleted lists, were added to WhatsApp last month. Additionally, the platform has been working on adding passkey compatibility to its iPhone application. The app launched a feature that allows channel managers to make polls and transmit voice messages earlier this year. The App Store offers WhatsApp for free. To use the newest features, make sure you update the app.

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