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Which Crypto Strategies are Best for Crypto Bots?

With the advent of crypto trading, the rules have totally changed. Bots are more important than ever because the crypto market is always open. See more!

Crypto Trading Bots: The Best Strategies

An automated cryptocurrency trading bot is a computer program that automatically buys or sells cryptocurrency at the right time. The primary purpose of the autotrading bot is to make as much money as possible for the users. Bots accomplish this by constantly watching the market and responding in accordance with a set of established guidelines. You can specify the way the trading bot will assess various market movements, such as price, volume, orders, and time, according to your interests and preferences.

Trading bots have two primary applications. First off, investors can employ bots to speed up and simplify the entire process. The bots can handle tasks including index creation, portfolio rebalancing, and portfolio diversification. The second application is significantly more complex and sophisticated. The bot will attempt to continuously outperform the market. However, this strategy necessitates much pre-research.

With the advent of cryptocurrency trading, the rules of the game have totally changed. Bots are more important than ever because the cryptocurrency market is open around-the-clock and extremely volatile since many traders opt for passive trading and lack the time for studying the market. Thus, they will benefit from using cryptocurrency trading bots for effective trading.

What Is the Best Strategy to Hardcode Into the Bots?

When building a trading bot or selecting the best bots, it should be hardcoded with the following strategies:


There are many factors that can influence the value of crypto. That is why different exchanges can have different prices for the same asset. Price fragmentation across marketplaces is the main cause of this. For example, the crypto value might be $1.01 in Exchange A, and in Exchange B, it might be $1.02. You can benefit from buying and selling on these exchanges at the same time when you use the arbitrage method. You will have to practically simultaneously acquire and sell a currency in order to benefit from these price discrepancies.

Mean Reversion

Presumably, if a coin’s price deviates from its average, it will eventually return to that average. This is known as the mean reversion strategy. The same assumption applies to cryptocurrency markets as well as traditional markets since it’s influenced by market psychology. 

Here is how it works: Imagine that “X” is a cryptocurrency with an average value of $1. When X’s price reaches $1.25, you will liquidate the asset in large quantities, bringing down the value to $1. In a similar way, when the price falls below $0.75, it will be viewed as a bottom by the market and traders will begin to stockpile as much as they can, raising the value to $1.

Momentum Trading

A momentum approach evaluates the market’s ups and downs based on its momentum. If an asset has positive momentum, it is ideal to ride it until it changes market momentum, then sell it. Fundamental to this approach is the belief that asset prices will rise above their average before lagging and declining. Buy-ins and sell-offs must occur in the proper sequence in this situation.

Natural Language Processing

As a result of fundamental news such as tweets, articles, and other similar content, cryptocurrency prices can change dramatically. The NLP programming approach allows one to programmatically analyze the sentiment underlying phrases and words. When there is news regarding collaborations, for example, it’s usually an indicator to start buying 

How Can I Choose The Top Cryptocurrency Trading Bot?

When choosing the best bitcoin trading platform, there are several factors to consider, such as how trustworthy the team is, what the bot’s strategy is, and what the bot’s interface is like. Let’s examine each in more detail: 

How Trustworthy Is The Team?

If you’re going to entrust a bot with managing your portfolio, you need to make sure that it is managed by experienced and reliable people. Its developers must also be experienced and reliable. A little checklist can help with this:

  • How much job experience do the team members have?
  • What credentials do they possess?
  • Have they ever kept up with and expanded a solid portfolio?
  • How well-documented is the bot’s effectiveness?
  • Where do they obtain their funding?

Make sure the team behind the bot is open and honest. If they’re part of a long-standing team, they’re likely going to care about their reputation and be able to show that good reputation to its consumers.

Does The Bot Implement The Strategy I Want?

It’s crucial to understand which bot best fits your selected strategy. Visit the bot’s website and go through the various reviews and how-to articles that have been posted there to give you a better idea of how involved you need to be in the bot’s configuration. If you’re not comfortable with trying to get the bot to use your strategy, or it seems unintuitive, you might want to reconsider subscribing to a different bot.

Does it have an easy-to-use interface? 

Despite the fact that bots are helpful, they can still be hard to use. Because of this, be sure the bot you select is appropriate for your level of experience. Choose a bot that is simple to use and may not have many fancy features if you are just getting started.