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While TweetDeck.com is offline, TweetDeck is still functional

Tweetdeck, according to information, is not operational. There are two URLs for this site: tweetdeck.com and tweetdeck.twitter.com. When you type tweetdeck.com in the URL, it will take some time to reach the page and will show you an error message with a blank page saying:

“Connection error or disconnect/reset before headers; reset reasons: connection failure.”

Since Elon Musk took over Twitter, I haven’t used it for tweeting in particular. Although it’s quite beneficial when it comes to important headlines and news updates, This tool proves to be quite beneficial for my job.

Despite a large number of Twitter staff layoffs, TweetDeck was still operational. But it can be expected to move out as it is on the list of exclusions under Musk’s ownership. The list also contains servers and micro-servers, and as a result of the planned auction, the company’s kitchen equipment will also be excluded.

It was somehow clarified in coordination with my staff that the site is still working, and we made our way to the reasons why it was non-functional for some people.

When you type the URL tweetdeck.com, it will show an error, but when you write tweetdeck.twitter.com, it will load the website and you can use it. From this outcome, it seems that there is some sort of issue going on with the shorter URL at Twitter’s end.

The same solution we came up with for this issue was posted by Bob Bardsley, who is a freelance writer. In response to this tweet, people thanked him.

Observing the circumstances, we can say that the issue regarding the URL hasn’t yet been presented to the staff officially. as we haven’t heard from Twitter’s support account since December 22nd, 2022. The problem was also not addressed on the official website. There was no response to requests for comments. Despite the fact that the issue was resolved during the press conference,

Regardless of all the layoffs happening constantly throughout this week, the company is working as it usually does, with some glitches. Despite the issue being faced about the URL, the site is still working fine. Till the issue is resolved, you can keep working on tweetdeck.twitter.com.

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