Why Don’t Macs Have Face ID And Touch Screens? Apple Tells

Macbook Pro Mini LED

The new MacBook Pro models have recently been available and have been well received by testers and buyers. Nevertheless, there are questions about features that are missing or have been ignored by Apple for years. Representatives of the company have now explained these topics

Apple is anything but shy with its MacBooks when it comes to introducing unusual and controversial innovations. Among other things, the touch bar has been implemented, and the MacBook Pro models have recently been given a notch. For years, however, Apple has refused to use a touchscreen, and they don’t want to integrate Face ID either. Both have long been common practice among the Windows competition, there are numerous notebooks with touch support, plus Windows Hello, with which the device can be unlocked securely with a face.

Touch Is For iPad

Now the Wall Street Journal has asked and wanted to know from Apple why they are so persistent on this. John Ternus, Apple’s senior vice president of hardware engineering, said that the iPad is available for touchscreens: “With the iPad, we are building the best touch computer in the world. It is completely optimized for it. And the Mac is completely Optimized for indirect input. We didn’t really see a reason to change that. “

In the case of Face ID, you might think that this is currently imposing, because MacBook Pro devices have recently had a notch. Here, too, Apple has an explanation, because they think that Touch ID is better than Face ID for laptops, and for practical reasons: “Touch ID is more convenient on a laptop because you already have your hands on the keyboard,” said Tom Boger, Vice President of Mac and iPad Product Marketing.

There were also other bits of information: The two managers avoided the question of why repair shops are made difficult and said that they are “working on this area”. When asked about a “waterproof” MacBook, there was a stunned stare. Boger finally said, “It wasn’t on a lot of people’s list.”