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Why Mi Band 7 is a hit? Sold 1 Million Units In China

While people wait for them in Europe and Latin America, Xiaomi’s Mi Band 7 bracelets are already successful in China, selling more than 1 million units in less than 1 month.

With its previous generations, surely Xiaomi already had the best-selling quantifying bracelets in the industry, but the fact is that the market rules here and although these wearables are not devices that we update very often, the truth is that we already have among us the seventh generation these Xiaomi Mi Band 7 that already succeed in China.

Still, people are waiting for you in Europe and Latin America with prices that should oscillate between 50 and 60 euros, but for now, as our colleagues from GizmoChina it seems that Haidian already wants to brag about sales figures in their native country, having signed more than 1 million units sold in less than 1 month of the two variants of these Mi Band 7.

Xiaomi’s new Mi Band 7, now with a larger screen and in various colors. the product is interesting and cheap proposing as always functionality above any other aspect and adding to the equation a larger 1.62-inch screenin addition to enabling NFC connectivity for mobile payments in the most performance version.

Otherwise, these Mi Band 7 have everything that previous generations already had from advanced health quantification to the detection of 120 different sports modes, including sleep monitoring, blood oxygen monitoring, continuous heart rate sensor, GPS positioning and even the possibility of professional data analysis in 4 sports modes.

Xiaomi sells 1 million units of the Mi Band 7 in China in just a couple of weeks. Obviously, it also works as a comfortable daytime watch, so always-on-display option will not be missing to take advantage of AMOLED, and obviously also, it has water resistance certification with possibility of immersions up to 5 ATM that ensure functionality in swimming pools or in the sea.

If the price of 50 or 60 euros seems quite fair in Spain, the reality is that in China the Mi Band 7 are still more attractive starting from 249 yuan that in exchange are a tremendous 35 euros, although the worst part is that we don’t know yet when Xiaomi is going to bring them to the international market.