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Why Twitter Banned Accounts for Using the Word “Memphis”?

Twitter banned several accounts for just using “Memphis” but than resolved the matter, without letting anyone knowing.

Twitter has banned several accounts for using the word “Memphis”. A few has reported the company about this issue and said their account blocked temporarily when they used the “M” word.

Though the problem is resolved, but users are still worried if they’re left out for using #Memphis in a tweet.

It is strange that the company has not replied to a single comment, but just resolved the issues.

While it was going crazy, Olympique Lyonnais – the French football club tweeted:

Hey, @Twitter – can we talk about him yet?

It started a thread of comments from all those facing the issue or participating in the thread to make it go wiral.

One comment, though, got our attention.


According to this tweet, “Memphis” is not just a name; it has some bad meaning. And according to the person, Twitter may have added this word to its list of “Mute words,” which is causing the accounts to get a ban.

However, according to a source, the Memphis Grizzlies, an NBA team, also tested the feature on Sunday.

The gang from Memphis is about to play a basketball game,

But their account did not get a ban.

There’s still no clarity from the social media giant and the issue seems to be resolved as people are now using the word without getting banned or flagged.