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Why you should focus more on internet marketing for your business

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Because the game is changing

Some interesting facts to consider:

1- 3.3 Billion internet users around the world in 2015 which is still growing fast

2- 10 users increase by every second

3- 300% increase in mobile internet usage

Most marketers’ often say that the rules of marketing are never changed but in a real sense, they are changing.  The tools that earlier marketers in earlier days were using are no longer operational, they were going from one door to another, one area to another and one phase to another, whereas nowadays, one can sit comfortably build a website and do advertising to market their products and reach out maximum audience in just few days or months.

Besides, you can still use social media like Facebook or twitter to sell your products. The recent technology is making a huge difference in marketing that was there before. However, it is reducing marketing costs; hence, the reason there are lower prices when it comes to products digitally marketing or advertised.

Digital marketing vs Traditional marketing


How has the internet marketing changed most businesses today?

  • Most people are investing more in research and content.

Technology is changing more often, and business owners have to keep up with the trend. This is why there are webinars or conferences several times a year. Businesses have to invest more in content creation which is directly or indirectly related to their business e.g. blogs, videos, info graphics, case studies, whitepapers etc.  you need to have a manager who will manage your research and content production constantly done.

Moreover, he needs to have firsthand knowledge on the latest cutting edges in digital marketing.  He should have extensive skills and knowledge to conduct research that will benefit the company. Not forgetting that successful case studies will promote your products and company very effectively.

  • Marketers’ are changing their habits.

It is true that one likes to stick with one business idea that is working for him. However, when it comes to internet marketing accept the changes. One needs to be ready to turn around their initiatives anytime, one should invest more in making videos if the trend is growing towards it.

Additionally, you will need to learn some of the internet marketing techniques to watch out for in future.

Online marketers are expecting massive effects from the following internet marketing techniques

  1. Content marketing.
  2. Social Media marketing.
  3. Online Advertisement.
  4. Brief product descriptions.
  5. A must have content that one can read on his mobile.
  6. Remarketing (a complete follow-up).


Content Marketing

It is one of the ways most companies are using to gain customer’s trust through creating several contents about their products, they are submitting these contents on different social media networks. Additionally, they enlighten their customers on how their products can be used and what are the benefits.

Through, these most companies target their clients, and customers will follow their posts. A company can use this strategy by creating relevant posts on social media, regularly posting articles or videos on their website, sending Newsletters to their clients and publishing case studies.

Social Media Research

There are so many platforms in this category. Some platforms that are uncommon while others are common; however, the uncommon are nowadays making their way into the market. It is because there is a little limitation for people and business to venture into them. Furthermore, others are changing their internet marketing strategies hence the reason they are receiving clients in large numbers. Each platform has its own pros and cons, it is the duty of marketer to select appropriate platform for a marketing their business.

Online Advertisement

There is an increase of advertisement on various platforms; however, they have relevant information hence keeping the consumer informed. Besides, most businesses are turning to them as they are cheaper and will reach more consumers. They are on the rise and with images portraying information. Google PPC has also incorporated flash and video ads that are more engaging for customers.

Brief product descriptions

A good example is a blog post. A blog post of a certain product will receive more shares hence have more Ads on it. These Ads will break the simple content into various sections. Besides, most people are turning away from writing detailed information on their website. It is because most consumers will not read it; however, they will read brief contents.

A must have content that one can read on his mobile

The use of Smartphones is making waves in the industry, it is making companies tap into creating an opportunity to create content for Smartphones and tablets users, they are walking an extra mile by either making their sites responsive or designing a mobile website version.


It is an internet marketing strategy that is creating a boom in the market. It works through saving email addresses from visiting clients on your website. Simply it works by saving browsing cookies and keeping records of the websites its users are visiting, when they are leaving that site, the products and services they were viewing will appear on other sites they are in. Re-marketing is very effective digital tool to follow up clients in efficient manner.




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