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Why You Should Not Buy SEO Services?

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When you create your own website, you may receive emails from a random guy who will tell you that your website rankings are not good and he can help you to get them better with his SEO services. It can be a scam.

However, when we are at the start of our blogging career, this kind of email can prove tempting. The ad copy used by these SEO gurus is quite powerful and you are prone to search for shortcuts when you have less traffic in the beginning.

In this post, we will discuss whether you should pay for SEO services or not.

What does SEO Service Offer?

First, you should know what exactly these experts promise to offer if you purchase their services. Like any other service, it can also vary from being really excellent to an absolute miss. Following are some of the common things they would offer:


Your Website will have More Backlinks

This is one of the most fundamental and most often claimed aspects of SEO services. Once you would purchase their services and all of a sudden your blog will have more backlinks. However, practices used to get more backlinks are not approved by Google.

They will either use backlink networks or purchase backlinks. Google has launched Penguin 4.0 and this algorithm penalized those websites which use these malpractices in real time. This means your website will be caught as soon as Google’s bots detect spammy backlinks.



When a user enters some query or keyword in Google, the first three results are paid ads. This section is devoted for those websites which purchase ads from Google. In this type of service, SEO experts will search for keywords, make an ad copy for Google Ads and then they manage your PPC budget and analyze the conversion rates. After analyzing the results, they would modify the ad copy to boost conversions.


On-site Audit and Optimization

In this SEO service, an expert will have a look at your website or blog and analyze the performance of your site layout, keywords density in the posts and web pages, loading time and all other factors which affect your rankings on search engines.

After thoroughly analyzing it, he will suggest number of tweaks so that you can improve your rankings. This is a comprehensive type of services as they have to check all the factors which are considered by search engines while ranking the website.


Local SEO

If your blog or website is targeting local market and its consumers then you would like to do local SEO. In this service, an expert will help you in getting good rankings and make your website visible on Google Maps and other local search results. This can be done by number of ways like Google+ profile and Places.


Full SEO Management Package

Your SEO has many aspects like social media marketing, content creation and its marketing, PPC and many others. There are some companies which will offer you a customized or ready-made package to manage all of the aspects of your SEO campaign.


Negative Campaigns

This can be termed as the darkest of the dark type of SEO campaign. The SEO expert would basically spam the sites and blogs of your competitors so you can overtake their rankings. For example, you are in a restaurant business and spreading false rumors about the competitors that their food is causing food poisoning. Here, your hired SEO agency will spread rumors on the search engines so they can penalize the website. This is highly unethically way to boost your rankings.


Some of the abovementioned services are useful than others. However, some of them are really harmful for your SEO health.

Reasons not to Get SEO Services

Following are some of the reasons you should not buy SEO services in any case:

It’s easy to do your own SEO

From the outside, everyone feels search engine optimization is highly technical field. For example you need to have programming knowledge or extensive marketing techniques and strategies. But that’s not true. Even the less tech-savvy among us can easily learn how to do SEO. You just have to know the needs of your customers and how to cater them.

Google and other search engines do not want you to do SEO for the sake of search engines. Instead, they want you to make a website where customers can get answers to their queries. Your website and marketing strategy should be customer oriented. Search engines are continuously updating their ranking algorithms to better analyze websites and offer a level playing field to those which cannot afford to hire SEO services.

SEO experts do not know your industry

Every online business is unique and it has different needs than any other website. When you start a website, create content for it and apply SEO techniques, you want to establish a link, develop an emotional attachment, build authority and make yourself trustworthy for your potential customers. Every business professional knows how to deal with his customers. Finding an SEO expert which would understand their needs and is capable of balancing all these variables can be hard. Some industries may be only focused on conversion rates and these can benefit from services. But you have to build customer loyalty not just target profits.

And even you are lucky enough to get services of and SEO expert who specializes in your field, they are unable to quickly understand your unique needs and how to cater them online. They are more focus to get good rankings and in this goal they tend to ignore what your business really is. And if they thorough understand your brand, this process will take time and costs you money.

Continuous SEO support is not necessary

Some online businesses such as technology trends, air travel, pop culture or air travel need continuous SEO support as there are super competitive and pages/posts on their websites should be constantly updates and created. For these businesses SEO professionals prove really helpful.

However, other websites and blogs don’t need such type of continuous support as competition is not high in their niche. You just have to set up your website thoughtfully and once it is created and optimized, you can keep it fresh through new posts and backlink campaigns.

SEO services act as an enabler

At the moment you don’t know how to optimize your website for search engines and the chances are you won’t be able to do it in future as well. When you hire and SEO professional, you are going to stop your growth and motivate yourself to believe that it’s impossible to do it on your own. It is not that difficult as it seems.

You won’t serve as an enabler for your potential and current customers. You would help them learn about your niche.

At the end, I would like to say not all SEO professionals are bad. Some of them are really expert in their field. But, you should do your own SEO as it’s your own business. You understand its needs and your customer needs better than any other. And it’s not difficult to learn either. So start learning today.

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