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Windows 10 NotePad Will Be Replaced By Store App Soon

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The Notepad text editor integrated into Windows 10 could in the near future be replaced by the app that can be updated via the Microsoft Store. This is indicated by a recent update. The Redmond company had announced taking this step last year.

Microsoft first made the Notepad text editor available as a store application in August 2019. After the app was taken offline a short time later, Microsoft offered the tool again via the store in April. The advantage of the store version is that updates can be installed independently of the updates to the operating system. This means that new features can be rolled out much faster.

So far, however, the Notepad application downloaded from the store has not replaced the preinstalled text editor. The app had to be removed manually via the optional features. However, that could soon change.

Update for the Notepad app released

Microsoft recently released an update to the Notepad app. The update increases the version number from 10.1912.1.0 to 10.2007.1.0. To use the latest store version of the app, at least Windows 10 Build 19541 is required. This is the current Insider version that is offered in the dev channel. As Windows Latest reports, this could be an indication that the pre-installed Notepad application will be completely replaced by the Store app from the next major functional update of Windows 10 of course, it remains to be seen whether this will actually be the case. There is no official confirmation from Microsoft yet.

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