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Windows 11 FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions


Six years after the introduction of Windows 10, the free upgrade to Windows 11 marks the start of an optically completely new operating system. From October 5, 2021, Microsoft will officially start the redesign and with it the delivery on the first PCs. Distribution to all compatible computers should be completed within the next few months. The new look of Windows 11 is particularly evident in the start menu and the rounded corners that run through the entire operating system.

A deep integration of Microsoft Teams, the embedding of news widgets and new animations provide a breath of fresh air as well as an improved interlocking with the Xbox gaming cosmos, the use of Android apps and faster updates. Many innovations also mean many questions. We answer the most important ones as part of our comprehensive Windows 11 FAQ.

How do you leave the Insider Preview for the final Windows 11?

Microsoft has now released Windows 11 and the new operating system is now arriving regularly with users. Many curious people have known and used the new version for a while, via Insider Preview. We show how to leave them again.

TPM 2.0 and Secure Boot: This is how you get your PC ready for Windows 11

When Windows 11 was announced, there was a pretty big surprise or a big upset: In contrast to most previous Windows versions, Microsoft decided to build in two significant requirements or hurdles: TPM 2.0 and Secure Boot.

Windows 11 upgrade: So you can start the installation immediately

Windows 11 is now available as a free upgrade for all compatible desktop PCs, notebooks and tablets. There are five ways to immediately install the new Microsoft operating system, which we explain to you in a simple way with these instructions.

Downgrade: How do I get back to Windows 10 from Windows 11?

Windows 11 is not a complete upheaval, but after the change it can turn out that the change was too hasty. In this case it is of course possible to go back to the previous one.

How can I get Windows 11 for free?

Every new release of a major operating system upgrade by Microsoft brings with it the question of how to get the latest version at no extra charge. It’s basically going to be pretty easy with Windows 11 because Microsoft has made it clear that it’s a free upgrade.

Windows 11 & 10: It’s so easy to activate the useful “God Mode”

If you are desperate for settings under Windows 11 or Windows 10, the so-called “God Mode” can help. It grants quick and easy access to over 200 useful functions of the operating systems. We’ll show you how to activate it.

Windows 11: These nine settings should be changed first

With Windows 11, Microsoft is introducing its new operating system, which, in addition to a modern design, offers a multitude of setting options. But some things are hidden. These instructions show you which settings should be made immediately.

Windows 11: So you can change the default apps and browsers

With the release of Windows 11, Microsoft is significantly revising the configuration of standard apps and browsers. From now on, users have to take a significant detour to switch from Edge and Co. We explain to you which settings you have to make.

Now check for yourself: Air Windows 11 on my current PC?

With the release of Windows 11, many Windows 10 users are asking themselves whether the free upgrade will work on their current desktop PC, notebook or tablet. With two simple tools you can now check whether Microsoft’s hardware requirements are being met.

Windows 11: These are the hardware requirements for the upgrade

With the introduction of Windows 11, Microsoft is significantly increasing the system requirements for PCs, notebooks and tablets. Not only must modern processors be used, but functions such as TPM 2.0 and Secure Boot must also be active. We light up the darkness.

Windows 11: How to install the media player now

The name Windows Media Player should be familiar to many, if not all, Windows users. The media playback program from the times of Windows 7 was buried and discontinued with Windows 10. Now Microsoft is celebrating its comeback.

The best tools for upgrading to Windows 11 at a glance

The next major version of the operating system has started with Windows 11. Microsoft has made the upgrade as easy as possible, but the upgrade should be well planned – there are a few useful programs that can help. This overview introduces them to you.

Windows 11: How to remove Microsoft Teams from your computer

The integration of Microsoft Teams in Windows 11 is both a blessing and a curse. Some are happy, others cannot do anything with the Redmond-based chat tool. But how do you remove what is actually an integral part of the operating system from your PC? We’ll show you.

How to activate the automatic login in Windows 11

Windows 11 also offers the option of automatically logging in for specified users. Microsoft has made adjustments to the auto login compared to Windows 11.

Windows 11: This is how the new start menu can be personalized

In addition to rounded corners, the new start menu is considered to be the heart of Windows 11. Without the once familiar tiles, favorite programs can be attached and recommended files displayed. We’ll tell you how to personalize the start menu.