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Windows 11 To Receive New Media Player Soon

Windows 11

Microsoft is starting immediately with the release of the revised, new media player for Windows 11. Anyone who has already registered as a Windows Insider and has chosen the dev channel will receive the update shortly.

Microsoft has now announced that. For Windows Insider, the gradual start of the distribution of the new media player for Windows 11 begins. A good insight into everything Microsoft has changed in the process leaked out in advance in September. The new media player, however, is one of the features that were not included with the start of Windows 11, but rather one of the innovations that the development team is still working on.

Microsoft manager Dave Grochocki now informs about the changes in the new media player in the Windows blog: “We have developed the new media player to make listening to and viewing multimedia content under Windows 11 even more pleasant, and we are very pleased, to introduce it to you all! The media player presents your local music and video collections in a wonderful way and complements the new look and feel of Windows 11. “

The brand new media player has been developed to make listening to and watching your multimedia content on Windows 11 even more enjoyable. At the heart of the media player is a full-featured music library that lets you quickly browse and play music, and create and manage playlists. If your music collection is in Groove Music today, your library and playlists will be automatically migrated to this new experience. The update to the new media player will replace the Groove Music app.

Users Can Use New And Old Media Player Simultaneously

If you want to try out the new player, you can do it in parallel with the old media player. It will still be available in Windows Tools. Users are encouraged to use the Feedback Hub (under Apps> Media Player) to send suggestions for functions, requests for changes, and so on.

However, things are not going completely smoothly for this test. Microsoft has confirmed that there is a problem with rendering network locations, among other things. There are also issues that, under certain circumstances, affect editing album metadata, sorting library content with accented characters, and UI elements that do not take into account the default existing app theme setting.