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Windows 11: Version 22H2 will be released on May 20

It’s been clear since the last Windows Insider Build that Microsoft has come a long way in developing the next major Windows 11 feature update. Now there is an insider claiming that the opt-out is scheduled for May 20. It concerns the next major update for Windows 11, namely version number 22H2. For some time now, the previews are released without a watermark and without an expiration date, indicating the end of the development phase.

Now it gets more concrete. Author Zac Bowden reports that Microsoft has committed to a build for the final release. It should be build number 22621. Windows 11 version 22H2 then starts with this number and replaces the original Windows 11 version.

The signing is rumored to be on May 2

Bowden tweeted: “Windows 11 Build 22621 is what Microsoft plans to ship as the final/baseline build for version 22H2. It will be released on May 20. Assuming no significant bugs are found by then, 22621 will be released. the Baseline Build that will be available to the public later this year.” The official final development phase of the operating system update is likely to start soon. In the “sign-off phase” the builds are then published with the official version number, in this case, 22H2. So far, he’s left open where Bowden’s information came from.

However, since he can usually refer to reliable sources, one can take his statements as a “hot rumor” with great potential that will turn out to be correct. Microsoft plans its next major release for the second half of the year. When that will be, however, is still completely unclear. No announcements have yet been made from Redmond, which should also be made shortly before the actual launch date.