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World’s Largest Lithium Ion Battery Being Built In Australia—By Tesla

By the end of the year, World’s largest lithium ion battery will be installed in South Australia by the collaboration of Tesla and French renewable energy company Neoen.

Tesla’s CEO Elon Musk visited Australia for this purpose and made a statement, “The battery will be 3 times more powerful than anything on the earth”

The battery is being built to provide power backup to the power grid in South Australia in order to provide smooth, secure and stable energy supply to the third largest state of Australia, which is struggling to secure scalable energy to 1.7 million population.

The region was struck by state-wide power outage in September 2016, when massive storm hit the states supply network and disrupted it phenomenally leaving state in the dark.

Musk said, “World will follow this example of large scale battery backup for the grid which would bear huge amount of load”, he further seek attention from other states and said, this is definitely going to be the future, other states should look at this example and quantify their needs if applicable.”

After Musk’s press conference Jay Weatherill, posted news on Twitter and Facebook, confirming the power infrastructure development project.

According to Tesla they have won a contract to provide battery power backup with the capacity of 100 MW/129 Megawatt-hours. The project is based in Jamestown, South Australia.

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The battery will be charged by the nearest Hornsdale wind warm and will provide power to the grid during the peak hours in order to maintain sleek supply of power across the state. The battery would also be able to back up power supply during any uncertain problem in the network. But there is an ongoing argument between labor government and conservative federal government regarding the concerns about the project.

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