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Xbox Game Pass To Come With Spotify Subscription?

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Microsoft could soon offer the ultimate version of its game flat rate in a bundle with a Spotify membership. This will help save money in the future for those who use Xbox Game Pass and the music streaming service. But there is no confirmation yet.

Promotional graphic Appeared on Microsoft’s servers

A graphic that was found on Microsoft’s servers indicates the bundle. The picture was published on Aggiornamenti Lumia’s Twitter account. Through cooperation with Spotify, the Redmond company could make its subscription product more attractive and increase the number of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate members even further.

At the moment, however, it is not yet known what price the bundle could cost. While the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate is available for 12.99 euros per month, the Spotify subscription costs 9.99 euros per month. In any case, the monthly fee for the bundle should be cheaper than the sum of both products. It is conceivable that new users could get several months of Spotify’s premium membership for free with their Game Pass. How many months it could be is also still open.

Microsoft Didn’t Announce Officially So Far

So far, the Redmond-based company has not yet commented on a Game Pass bundle with Spotify, so it is still unclear whether such a product will actually be offered. In addition, there is no information on whether the bundle is a temporary promotion or a permanent product. Microsoft may officially announce the bundle in the coming weeks or months and provide the missing details about the product.