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Xbox Network Offline: Online services hit with outages


Xbox owners who tried to access the console’s or store’s online services for the past few hours often just got an error message. The services had to contend with massive outages. The problem now seems to have been resolved. Since last night, some players have reported problems accessing Xbox services. It was temporarily not possible to access the cloud gaming service.

In addition, the Microsoft Store was also affected, so that purchases could no longer be processed. This also includes DLC content, in-app purchases, and accessories. In addition, Game Pass and Live Gold memberships could not be purchased or managed.

Problems have occurred on several devices

Some Xbox users couldn’t access their accounts and only saw a connection failed message. The problem would have occurred regardless of the device used. It was also not possible to log in with the smartphone. At times, major Xbox network services were affected, preventing gamers from launching digital games. It is not clear what caused the nuisance.

A server failure was probably responsible for the problems. Microsoft seems to have found the cause after a few hours and was working on a solution right away. The official status page suggests that services are now back to normal. All Xbox Live services appear to be active at this time. However, some players may still experience connectivity issues. The restrictions are expected to disappear in the coming hours, allowing full access to services later in the day.