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Xbox Series X Mini Fridge Being Sold On eBay For Triple The Price

Mini Fridge

The new mini-fridge in the design of the Xbox Series X, which Microsoft recently launched on the market, is enjoying great interest. Because the device was practically sold out within minutes, profit-hungry “scalpers” are offering the Xbox Mini Fridge at a multiple of the price.

The Xbox Mini Fridge is actually an Internet meme that has become a product, as after the launch of the Xbox Series X there were numerous fans who made fun of the fact that the new game console from Redmond basically looked like a shrunk refrigerator. Compared to the large appliances that are found in countless kitchens in the USA, the Microsoft console actually looks not dissimilar to a refrigerator.

The interest in a small refrigerator in the look of the Xbox Series X was thus aroused, so that Microsoft recently teamed up with the supplier Ukonic to bring the Xbox Mini Fridge onto the market. For 99 dollars or 99 euros, a few retailers around the world were now offering the mini-fridge for pre-order.

Xbox mini fridge

In the meantime, the small Xbox refrigerator is sold out everywhere, probably also because initially only comparatively small quantities were available. The result is the same internationally: in the USA, Germany, and Great Britain, as with many other highly sought-after products, dubious resellers are trying to profit from the demand. On eBay and eBay classified ads, the significantly overpriced offers began to accumulate shortly after the start of sales, in which a “confirmed pre-order” is available at double or even triple the price.

Some vendors promise to send the Xbox refrigerator on to the buyer as soon as it is received, others just hope for gullible buyers who simply pay the inflated price without ever being able to count on receiving the goods at all. For example, eBay Germany has an offer in which the Xbox Mini Fridge is available for “only” 349 euros. As a reminder: the official price recommendation was 99 euros.

Microsoft has already indicated that it is well aware of the great demand. Community manager Maxi Graeff has already announced that the group intends to bring larger quantities of the console refrigerator, which can optionally also be operated with a 12V power supply, to international trade in the coming year.