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Xbox Wireless Controller: Microsoft Confirms Shipping Issues

Not only do current game consoles such as the Sony PlayStation 5 and sometimes the Xbox Series X suffer from delivery problems due to a lack of components, but now the accessories that were available in sufficient quantities are also affected.

Sold out almost everywhere

As Microsoft confirms, the Xbox Wireless Controller is struggling with delivery issues. The Xbox Wireless Controller is no longer available or is available in limited quantities at many retailers in various regions of the world. In Europe, the lack of availability affects countries such as Germany, Great Britain, France, and the Netherlands, but the controller is also almost sold out in Australia. While controllers are no longer available from many major retailers in the UK, things are looking really bad in Germany too.

Only the Xbox Wireless Controller in Carbon Black is ringing still available at Amazon but also ships from Amazon UK. Some controllers are already available from third-party suppliers for twice the regular price. In the color Electric Volt, the Xbox wireless controller costs if available already 118 euros In the US, however, the availability of the Xbox Wireless Controller is much better at the moment – both Microsoft itself and Best Buy can ship it right away at the regular price.

Elite controllers are still available

Also in Germany, the availability of the considerably more expensive and therefore less popular Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Series 2, which is available at several retailers for around 140 euros, is currently even better.

Xbox Design Lab will continue to deliver in 3-4 weeks

The Xbox Design Lab, which sells custom wireless Xbox controllers, is still accepting orders and aims to ship the custom controller within three to four weeks of ordering. It is impossible to say with certainty whether this is still possible at the moment.

Microsoft confirms delivery issues

Opposite to VGC Microsoft has confirmed the issues and cited supply chain disruptions as the reason for the limited availability. According to Microsoft, they are working closely with their own production and trade to quickly ensure broad availability again. The links marked with an asterisk are affiliate links. In the case of an order made through such a link, ComputerBase participates in the sales proceeds without increasing the price to the customer.

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