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Xeon Platinum 8490H: Intel’s first 60-core for servers in detail

Twitter user @yuuki_ans underscores the credibility of his information about the upcoming lineup of Intel Sapphire Rapids server processors with screenshots. The Xeon Platinum 8490H is the spearhead with 60 cores.

Screenshots confirm the key data of the Xeon 8490H

As early as July, @yuuki_ans published lists with the putative names and specifications of the upcoming server CPUs from Intel (Sapphire Rapids) and AMD (Genoa). Screenshots of the flagship Xeon Platinum 8490H now follow. These confirm 60 cores and 120 threads. The clock rate of the engineering sample reaches up to 3.5 GHz as the maximum turbo clock, which also applies to the production model. The L3 cache measures 112.5 MB and the TDP is 350 watts.

Intel Xeon Platinum 8490H (Picture: @yuuki_ans) The Xeon 8490H is said to lead the H series, which is optimized for database analysis and virtualization and offers models with 16 to 60 cores. There should be a maximum of 56 cores in the bread-and-butter series with the Xeon Platinum 8480+.

The Xeon 8472C could be a custom model

But another model is now raising questions: The Xeon Platinum 8472C recognized by the CPU-Z tool was previously missing from the lists. It is said to have 52 cores, 97.5 MB L3 cache, and a maximum turbo clock of 3.8 GHz with a TDP of 350 watts. Thanks to the higher clock, the 8472C outperforms the 8490H in CPU-Z’s single-thread benchmark but lags slightly in multi-thread. According to the tool, both processors were used in a double pack, i.e. in a dual-socket system.

Intel Xeon Platinum 8472C (Image: @yuuki_ans) Xeon 8490H versus 8472C in the CPUI-Z benchmark (image: @yuuki_ans) Intel Sapphire Rapids: Models and Series (Image: @yuuki_ans) The fact that the suffix “C” could stand for “Custom”, i.e. for offshoots adapted to customer requirements, is not so far-fetched. Intel’s CEO already had customized Xeon considered.

Belatedly against the core monster AMD Genoa

With a delay, Intel Sapphire Rapids is now only expected for early 2023. Then the opponent could already have a head start: AMD Genoa with Zen 4 architecture is to be presented later this year. Only recently AMD explained the new naming of the Epyc 9004 family. The Twitter user also provided concrete details about the new Epyc series. Photos, screenshots and now the confirmation of the change from the previous scheme Epyc 7xxx to Epyc 9xxx underpin their authenticity.

Intel’s 60-core processor will probably not stand a chance against the Epyc 9654P with 96 cores and 192 threads in well scalable multi-thread applications. This is not even the maximum at AMD, because the Epyc 9754 is said to offer 128 cores. AMD calls this offshoot Bergamo and not Genoa.

Emerald Rapids with hardly any more cores

Intel won’t be able to catch up with AMD’s lead in the number of cores in the foreseeable future. According to @yuuki_ans, the maximum for Intel Emerald Rapids, the successor to Sapphire Rapids, should be 64 cores and thus only slightly higher.

Intel Emerald Rapids (Picture: @yuuki_ans) Granite Rapids is the first to offer significantly more cores with a new modular principle. At least 120 cores are expected. However, due to the delays in Intel’s Xeon roadmap, this is unlikely to happen before 2025.

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